Standard Units

Designed to indicate tenderness in industry standard units, the measurements given by the Tenderometer correlate directly to pea maturity grades.

Easy to Use

Simply load the peas, shut the door, press start, record the reading, unload and repeat - that's it.

Incredible Accuracy

Compared to other conventional tenderometer systems, the readings are taken in a much tighter range, making the average significantly more precise.

Optimised Pea Maturity Testing
by Tenderometer

The Tenderometer for pea maturity testing is made for the pea process. Used at many points during the harvest and as a result ensures correct pea quality grades.

The Tenderometer provides a reading in precise, tenderness units. Units match with pea quality grades.

Accurate tests of tenderness are vital for maximising yield so never miss out on profits again.

Over 30 systems have been sold in Europe and the UK. The pea farmer's best tool for grading pea quality is the tenderometer system for grading pea maturity.

Harvest has to be done and the peas have to be frozen in a short amount of time.  The systems’ accuracy is important for optimal harvest because of lost profits. It is also paramount for minimising lost profits due to unit accuracy.

Watch the video to learn about how the Tenderometer is used throughout the pea process.


The Tenderometer for testing pea maturity is the world's most widely used tenderometer.  These systems have proven to be the most dependable, accurate and trouble-free instruments ever created for grading pea quality, in the process from field to fork.

Accurate readings can save thousands of pounds per day for a medium to large operation and quickly pay back the initial investment.  The Tenderometer can be used in the field when powered by a mains voltage generator, which we also supply.


Tenderometer is a trading name of Spectronic CamSpec Limited. Read more about the system here and as a result learn more.