Optimising your Pea Harvesting

Spectronic CamSpec are delighted to provide this easy-to-use, portable and precise system for pea and bean maturity analysis.  Designed especially with growers and processors in mind, the Tenderometer will maximise pea yield and profitability every time, in the process from field to fork.

The Tenderometer is the world’s most widely used piece of kit for testing the maturity of fresh peas. This tried and trusted system uses the Kramer shear method; the industry-standard for pea analysis since the 1960s.  Updated and modernised, the Tenderometer accurately imitates a biting motion in your mouth.  This allows for an unrivalled, extraordinarily precise analysis of texture and ripeness.


Kramer Shear Method


There are three distinctive stages to the Kramer shear method as the 10 blades/teeth move down into the pea-filled cell – think biting down on a mouthful of peas. The process starts with bulk compression.  The neatly packed peas are compressed and squished into a more solid brick, removing the air trapped between the peas.  Extrusion then occurs, bursting the pea shells and pushing the peas between the blades and through the grid in the base of the cell, as they are under increasing pressure to flow.  The force then increases, and the mass of consolidated peas is progressively sheared at the interface of the upper blades and the grid bars in the final stage. The peak firmness (TR value) usually occurs between the end of the extrusion stage and the beginning of the shear stage. This determines the tenderness of peas in the same way you would in your mouth.

This comprehensive analysis enables processors to grade the peas within a more accurate grade band than other conventional tenderometers.  This increases profits and pays back your initial investment in a very short time period.


Instant Pea Testing Directly from the Vine

The Tenderometer is not only a must-have for pea processing plants but a critical system for growers too.  It can be used out in the field for instant testing directly from the vine. This gives farmers full control over their crop and reduces decision time by an outstanding amount.  When you have the ability to perform instant tests, you can better understand your crop’s maturity. This triggers the decision to harvest at their peak, ensuring best quality and value is achieved.  The Tenderometer can be used to test samples multiple times throughout growing and harvesting, allowing for optimal monitoring.


Effortless Pea Grading

Not only does the Tenderometer employ sophisticated technology for exceptional precision, it is completely effortless to use.  Minimal training is required; simply load the peas, shut the door, press start, record the reading, unload and repeat.  The units given by the instrument correlate directly with pea maturity grades. This enables the quickest and easiest grading the pea industry has ever seen.


Available in the UK and Europe

After three very successful years as the UK Tenderometer suppliers, Spectronic CamSpec have been appointed the official distributors for all of Europe, where they hope to provide their renowned support for years to come.  With the recent launch of the tenderometer.eu microsite, dedicated to the system, its applications and users, Spectronic CamSpec are already well on their way to achieving their goals and aiding all sectors of the pea industry reach their full potential across the UK and Europe.



The brand-new microsite has a modern, easy to navigate layout which is responsive and accessible to all users and devices. It includes information about the system and its niche applications, as well as testimonials from industry experts and informative articles about the harvest season.  Requesting a free, no-obligation quotation can be done easily through the microsite with just the click of a button.  Lots more content is coming soon to the site as it becomes a handy resource for growers, processors and analysts looking to produce the best quality products they can.


Make an enquiry: www.tenderometer.eu/contact