The Tenderometer for testing pea maturity is the world's most widely used tenderometer.  These systems have proven to be the most dependable, accurate and trouble-free instruments ever created for grading pea quality, in the process from field to fork.

Accurate readings can save thousands of pounds per day for a medium to large operation and quickly pay back the initial investment.  The Tenderometer can be used in the field when powered by a mains voltage generator, which we also supply.


Standard Units

Designed to indicate tenderness in industry standard units, the measurements given by the Tenderometer correlate directly to pea maturity grades.

Easy to Use

Simply load the peas, shut the door, press start, record the reading, unload and repeat - that's it.

Incredible Accuracy

Compared to other conventional tenderometer systems, the readings are taken in a much tighter range, making the average significantly more precise.



Additional Information


Simply load the sample and press start.  The system automatically clears the last reading, completes a test cycle and displays the results in industry standard units.  For over 50 years, pea processors worldwide have relied on these Tenderometers

to determine harvest dates, buy on grade and position harvesters for the most effective crop yield.  With profits at stake, a point or two off the standard can be very costly.  Read about how Eyemouth Freezers Ltd save nearly £2m a season with the Tenderometer here.


Supplied with:

- FTA-TU Load cell
- CS-1-TU Test Cell
- Certificate of Calibration
- Operating Manual

The system comes calibrated with fresh peas.  Return to Spectronic CamSpec Ltd annually to maintain calibrated TR value measurements.



- Capacity: Over 300 Tenderometer Units
- Stroke speed: factory pre-set to your specification
- Power 120V/60 Hz or 240V/50Hz
- Dimensions 24 x 24 x 36 inches
- Weight 73 kg / 160 lbs


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